Depois de os OpTic terem anunciado a sua nova equipa, o awper finlandês “allu”, publicou um tweet onde fala um pouco sobre os seus momentos altos e baixos do ano passado, assim como agradece a todos os seus companheiros de equipa, “HS”, “friberg”, “magisk” e “mixwell”.
O finlandês deixa claro, que depois de uns tempos conturbados, está finalmente preparado para viver e respirar CS:GO e está disponível para ouvir ofertas.
Aqui fica o texto original do jogador:
There’s been a lot of questions about my future, as I’m no longer a part of OpTic’s starting lineup.
2017 was a year of multiple ups and downs for me, both on a personal and a professional level. I had to overcome a number of obstacles and it all took a toll on my motivation and drive on the server.
I love playing Counter-Strike and finally feel, for the first time in a long time, that I am well setup to live and breathe the game.
Our time together in OpTic did not go as well as we hoped, but we had some decent results and I enjoyed playing under OpTic and getting to know to HS, friberg , magisk & mixwell.
Special thanks to Hector from OpTic for always making us feel welcome while staying in the US and to all the fans who have stuck with me during these crazy times. I don’t say it often, but you guys mean the world to me.
Beyond continuing to play, I have yet to decide what is next for me, so I am currently listening to all offers.
See you soon
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